You can find on this page the Kyoto transport map to print and to download in PDF. The Kyoto transportation map presents the transports network and transport zones of the transit of Kyoto in Kansai - Japan.

Kyoto transports map

Map of Kyoto public transports

The Kyoto transport map shows all means of transportation in Kyoto. This transports map of Kyoto will allow you to move easily with public transport of Kyoto in Kansai - Japan. The Kyoto transportation map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Kyoto has a world-class public transport system: the buses, trains and subways will get you where you want to go fast and efficiently. And, because the city is relatively compact and mostly flat, it is also a great city for cycling and walking. The subways and trains are the most convenient way to get around the city. Buses are less convenient, but cover almost the whole city as its mentioned in Kyoto transports map. Taxis are plentiful and reasonably cheap. They are sometimes cheaper than buses for groups of three or four on short trips. There are several special tickets that will save you tons of money if you plan on riding the buses, subways and trains a lot.

The City of Kyoto has a well-developed public transportation system, with municipal subways and buses available, as well as JR trains, and privately-operated railways and bus lines as you can see in Kyoto transports map. There are many routes for the municipal bus system in particular. There are many taxis operating in the city, and they can be used without reservations. Tipping is unnecessary. There are various money-saving passes and IC cards for tourists using public transportation. Kyoto major sightseeing spots are concentrated in a compact area of about 10 square km that is easy to navigate by taxi; rental cycles are also popular. As the name “Kyoto, the Walkable City” suggests, walking around the city various areas is also a great way to enjoy the city.

Tokyo and Kyoto are connected with each other by the JR Tokaido Shinkansen. Nozomi trains require about 140 minutes to reach Kyoto from Tokyo, Hikari trains about 160 minutes and Kodama trains about four hours. The regular one way fare from Tokyo to Kyoto is 13,320 yen for a non-reserved seat or around 14,000 yen for a reserved seat. A 7-day Japan Rail Pass costs about the same as regular round trip tickets as its shown in Kyoto transports map. The Japan Rail Pass is valid on Hikari and Kodama trains, but not on Nozomi trains. Only available to foreign passport holders, the "Shinkansen Round Trip Package" provides a round trip within seven calendar days by non-reserved seat on any train between Tokyo and Kyoto for only 21,500 yen. The ticket can be purchased at JR Tokai Tours travel agencies. With the "Puratto Kodama Economy Plan", you can travel between Tokyo and Kyoto by reserved seat on a Kodama train for only 10,500 yen, but the plan has to be purchased at least one day in advance from JR Tokai Tours travel agencies. The Tokyo-Osaka Hokuriku Arch Pass is a rail pass that allows holders to travel between Tokyo and Kyoto via Kanazawa, using the Hokuriku Shinkansen. It is not the fastest way to travel between Tokyo and Kyoto, but it allows pass holders to visit the less-explored Hokuriku Region along the way. At 24,440 yen for seven consecutive days, the pass is cheaper than a 7-day Japan Rail Pass.